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A slate of documentaries

PipicMedia has a substantial background in documentary production for television, governmental and non-governmental organisations. You can view some extracts - just scroll down. We have been to many different locations as you will see in our photo album a little further down.  

The Diviners, 28:00

PipicMedia television productions include 'The Diviners', commissioned by ABCTV Documentaries. Water diviner, Wayne Rosentreter, reckons he can find water on a choice piece of fertile river flat. When he gives the nod for the dairy farmers to buy back some of the family farm, he has to drill for the promised water. It's not as easy as he thought, and his reputation as a successful diviner and bore driller hangs in the balance. 

Kinetone 45:00

Al Burne made films from 1905. In the early 1910s, Al came to Brisbane to work at the George Theatre as a projectionist. With his 1905 Pathe camera, Al established Kinetone Sound Films and, with his two sons, recorded some of the most important events in Queensland history.  This film was made with ABCTV Queensland, FIlm Queensland and the  Centenary of Cinema.

Footprints Along Kurilpa, 2005

PipicMedia works with community organisations on video productions like 'Footprints Along Kurilpa', a local Brisbane project that investigates park dwellers in this historic park.

City for Sale

There was unprecedented development within the CBD of Brisbane in the years leading up to Expo 88. This short film explores the impacts of fast development on the community when there is no possible involvement. The memories of place play a big part in our lives.