Acland Shorts

David Vonhoff, Dairy Farmer

In the neighbouring area of Brymaroo, David shows us the impacts on the groundwater that he is worried about if the coalmine expansion goes ahead.

Kulpi Bores

About 10 kilometres from Acland, farms around Kulpi have seen serious depletions in their bores in the past two years. 

George Wieck Acland Local

George's whole family left Acland when the coalmine moved in. Ten years later, George is back to move his son's equipment from the old shed.

David's Water

 David Vonhoff is a dairy farmer near the proposed expansion of the Acland Coalmine to Stage 3. Here he shows us why he is so concerned about his water. 

Kulpi Bores

 Kulpi is a small town west of Toowomba in the fertile food-growing area of the Darling Downs. It is also 10 minutes drive from Acland, the town that has been taken over by coal. Several bores in the Kulpi region have lost water, most of them from mid-2016 - 2017. This is a video made with Kulpi local, Micheal Klein as he takes us to show us the affected bores.  

George Wieck Acland Local

 George is a multi-generational resident of the Alcand region. When the New Acland Coalmine came to town his life changed forever. First only one or two people sold out to the coalmine, then the rest fell like a house of cards. George left ten years ago. On the day we came across him, he had returned to oversee the removal of his son's machinery to their new machinery shed in nearby Oakey. The new and very controversial West Pit of the New Acland Coalmine is just over the road. 

Glen Beutel, the Last Resident

  Glenn Beutel is that last homeowner in Acland and has stood defying the coalmine for over fifteen years. As you will see, everyone else left. Glenn was one of some thirty people who have objected to the expansion of this coalmine. In July, 2015, New Acland Coal removed the St Jude's church building.