A New Documentary Film

A Documentary About our Future


25% of our food is grown on the Darling Downs, just west of Brisbane and the Great Dividing Range in Southern Queensland. 

Food or Coal?


Over 200 jobs are being provided at the New Acland Coal Mine.

Right now we are witnessing a struggle between food production and coal. 

The Journey Continues


Landholders are objecting to the Expansion of the New Acland Coalmine to Stage 3. The case in the Queensland Land Court was the biggest environmental case in the country. The outcome still has not been decided.

Aileen's Story

Aileen Harrison has been standing for her land and her community since the coal mine opened close-by fifteen years ago.  Aileen is one of the objectors holding New Acland Coal to account in the Queensland Land Court. She is the one person not held under the notorious 'Confidentiality Clause' who can speak openly about Stages 1 and 2 of the Acland Coalmine and the devastating effects of living near it. The next hearing date is early April. We show new insights about this important case.

An Ongoing Story

Since the Oakey Coal Action Alliance won the Queensland Land Court case to save their land and water, New Acland Coal has appealed the decision. Unfortunately the mine convinced the Supreme Court and the Queensland Court of Appeal that the Queensland Land Court should not have groundwater as part of its considerations. The decision concerning the groundwater in the region is now sitting with the water regulator. But it is not over yet!
Meanwhile, a lot of money has changed hands . Please see http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-08-31/acland-mine-draft-authority-for-expansion-issued/6736146

After the Court Case


Now the case in the Queensland Land Court has been finalised, the Queensland State Government has yet to make a final decision on the fate of this region.